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In the last 30 years, RM Manufacturing has built up a strong reputation in a variety of different sectors, including medical, retail, architecture and more. We pride ourselves on offering outstanding support to all of our clients.

Our capabilities are guaranteed to meet all sheet metal fabrication needs – from powder coating to electro mechanical assembly, we can provide you with all of the sheet metalwork support you need, right here from our premises. As experts in our field, we can tailor our offering and build a bespoke sheet metal fabrication package to fit your requirements.

Who we are and what we do

RM Manufacturing specialises in sheet metal fabrication for a variety of sectors. Created in 1989, today we are part of Royal Mail Property and Facilities Solutions Ltd, and as such can draw upon a vast network of skills and experience. Based in the North East of England, our 100,000 square foot headquarters can manage a vast array of sheet metal fabrication projects, from design through to manufacture. Our facilities include a production workshop, advanced assembly plant and warehouse storage with a wide range of the latest machinery. Experts in our field, we work across a vast range of sectors from general engineering, transport, pharmaceutical and medical to industrial automation, power generation, retail, catering, oil and gas.

We have been providing sheet metal fabrication solutions for 30 years and counting, and have worked with clients from across Europe. We are innovators in our field and are constantly improving our services and processes. We are continuously investing in our staff, providing training and other opportunities to our team so that they remain highly knowledgeable in their field. RM Manufacturing are certified to ISO standards in Quality, Environmental and Health and Safety.

We are proud to have long-standing relationships with many of our clients, some of whom have been working with us since the very beginning. We’re always looking to develop new partnerships and can guarantee we can meet all of your needs and expectations.


Company beliefs

Our staff are the backbone of RM Manufacturing – we simply could not function without our expert team. This is why we are continually investing in training and development for all of our staff, to keep their knowledge and expertise fresh.

We’ve created a working environment that celebrates diversity and inclusivity. Our parent company, Royal Mail Group, was named as one of the top 20 companies for gender equality at senior levels in the Government-backed Hampton-Alexander Review Report, and was the winner of the Employers Network for Equality and Inclusion (ENEI) Wellbeing at Work Award. These values are apparent in all Royal Mail Group companies, and RM Manufacturing is no exception.

Our values are at the heart of everything we do, and they are:

Be positive. Be brilliant. Be part of it.

In 2018, we underwent a rebrand and a website redesign, to reflect our new vision. We are keen to develop new, long-standing partnerships with organisations across Europe, and to keep supporting our existing clients with new services and capabilities. To encourage clients to take full advantage of our services, we will continue to communicate our sheet metal fabrication capabilities, vision and aims clearly with our customers.

As always, we manufacture quality as standard, and this will never change. While we always strive to offer an efficient, cost-effective solution for our clients, we never compromise on quality. Our clients know that we cannot be beaten on quality anywhere else, and we pride ourselves on our reputation within our industry.


Our values are at the heart of everything we do at RM Manufacturing. This common set of values shape how we interact with each other and our partners.

Be positive. Be brilliant. Be part of it.

Be positive

By building each other up, we can support other members of the team and our clients. Retaining a positive mindset helps us manage hurdles and solve problems. When we think positively, we reach our goals faster. We show our positive attitude by:

  • Delivering a great service
  • Trusting each other
  • Saying thank you and showing gratitude

Be brilliant

Our clients depend on us every day. We’re always innovating and exploring new technologies and machinery to ensure we are at the forefront of the manufacturing world. Our staff have many opportunities to develop and train in the latest techniques. We are brilliant because we:

  • Always try our hardest
  • Pay attention to even the smallest details
  • Look for a more efficient, better way

Be part of it

It’s great to be part of something bigger than ourselves. We embrace what makes each one of us different, recognising that together we are stronger as a team than we are when we work alone. We value each one of our clients. They are at the centre of what we do. We are part of it because we:

  • Listen to each other
  • Support each other
  • Appreciate diversity

Why our values are important to our customers

They underpin the way that we work and everything that we do. Our core values help to form our culture of:

  • Continuous improvement
  • High-quality manufacturing and
  • Responsiveness, to the ever-increasing demands of our clients and their industries.

In addition to our core values and culture, we also support the manufacturing process and are certified to ISO standards in Quality, Environmental and Health and Safety.

RM Manufacturing is part of the Royal Mail Group of companies, reporting into Royal Mail Property and Facilities Solutions Ltd. Our values are shared across all divisions. This means that when we need to pull together and draw upon the vast wealth of skills and experience available within the group, we can, and we all work together to deliver the same high-quality standards our clients have come to expect from RM Manufacturing.

Employee development

We firmly believe that every employee plays a vital role in the success of our company. Our commitment to learning and development is underpinned by a range of learning and personal development opportunities throughout all levels in the business.

As part of our rebrand and growth strategy, we are focused on improving efficiency while retaining the high-quality service our customers have come to expect. To achieve our goals, we are entirely reliant on our skilled, knowledgeable staff and their eye for detail. Due to the immense pride our team take in their work, we’re able to offer a fantastic service to all our clients – we simply couldn’t do it without them.

We educate all our staff in the techniques of continuous improvement in their own lines of work. It’s important to us at RM Manufacturing that we continue to invest in our staff and ensure they have all the tools at their disposable to become experts in their field. We believe that this attitude contributes to a positive atmosphere for our workforce and improved quality and efficiency that is a direct advantage to our clients.

We are an equal opportunities employer; having respect for others is an integral part of our culture and one of our core values. RM Manufacturing continues to meet the Investor in People Standard and is proud of its continued success.

Continuous improvement

We strive to be a key player in the sheet metal fabrication market, and to continue to provide the high-quality service our customers expect. For this to happen, we must continue to innovate, keep a forward-thinking attitude and ensure our staff have all the latest knowledge and training.

Our people are the backbone of everything we do here at RM Manufacturing, and we educate all staff in the techniques of continuous improvement within their own areas of work. We offer training and employee development opportunities to keep them progressing in their chosen fields. The knowledge and experience of our team is vital to our collective success, and we encourage a culture to highlight and implement initiatives.

To keep our processes up-to-date and as efficient as possible, we have a dedicated design and production engineering team. These teams are solely focused on developing our manufacturing capabilities and methodologies. This helps us to reduce lead times, and increase efficiency without reducing quality. We manufacture quality as standard, and our teams are as passionate about quality as we are.

Our customers are our main priority, and their opinion matters. We proactively work with customers to ensure that their sheet metal fabrication designs are developed and delivered in the most efficient way possible. We take all their needs into account and try to assist them in any way we can. We know it is especially important to our clients that their sheet metal products remain competitive, which is why we have dedicated teams to ensure our processes are as efficient as possible. By listening to customers, we are able to find ways to improve our services and add value to our partnerships.


Like any forward-thinking organisation, we have set targets and aims that help us strive to grow, innovate and develop our services:

Continue to support and grow our current customer base

Follow our growth strategy – which will deliver an increase in revenue, capabilities and service offerings

Develop long-term partnerships with new clients in new markets

Maintain high service delivery standards

This is a significant time for us here at RM Manufacturing – with a new name and a new brand, we’re looking to use these changes to catapult our organisation into a new era. By developing our services, building partnerships and expanding into new markets, we are excited to see what this change brings to us at RM Manufacturing, and to our clients.

With the launch of our website and brand redesign, we will be concentrating on implementing change, while retaining focus on delivering the same, high-quality manufacturing services our customers have come to expect from RM Manufacturing.

As experts in our field, and part of Royal Mail Property and Facilities Solutions Ltd, we are a national firm with a broad clientele, operating across many industries. Utilising our knowledge and experience, we are looking to develop long-term, mutually beneficial, supply partnerships with all of our customers.

We are sympathetic to the ever-increasing demands from our new and existing customer base and work hard to provide solutions to fulfil their needs.

We’re extremely proud to be able to be able to offer a full one-stop solution to meet a variety of sub-contract sheet metal requirements, and to have a website that communicates our wide variety of services to all our clients.

Drawing upon our vast network of skills and experience, there isn’t much we can’t deliver.


RM Manufacturing was created in 1989 to provide dedicated metalwork facilities and engineering services to the prestigious Royal Mail Group. Known back then as ROMEC (Serious Engineering), we provided a wide variety of services to Royal Mail, including precision sheet metal fabrication, powder coating, laser cutting and more. We’ve famously manufactured and assembled the iconic red Royal Mail post box – and still do so today! Every red post box we’ve built was made right here at RM Manufacturing’s 100,000 square foot headquarters.

Since then, our operations expanded, and we found ourselves able to offer our services to customers outside of Royal Mail. Our capabilities and expertise have developed significantly in the last 30 years, and as a result, we have an ever-growing customer base. Alongside supporting Royal Mail, we now support a large number of subcontract partners and, understandably, have had significant success within the postal and delivery markets.

In 2016, after some years of shared ownership, we became 100% owned by Royal Mail Property and Facilities Solutions Ltd, where we continued our work in supporting Royal Mail and our other clients from across Europe.

2018 sees the development of the company under a new brand – RM Manufacturing. Always seeking new opportunities, we are looking to develop new partnerships with organisations from a variety of sectors. Our rebrand comes with a new website, and a vision for change and growth. We’re excited for the future as we enter into new markets and build new partnerships, while using our experience and knowledge to add value and retain quality to every service we deliver.

Manufacturing Quality as Standard. Contact us today to find out what we can do for you!

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