RJ Herbert Engineering TRS System

RJ Herbert Engineering TRS System



RJ Herbert are a world leading Mechanical Handling and Food Processing machinery manufacturer based in the UK. RM Manufacturing successfully bid to RJ Herbert’s for the fabrication of the new airport security TRS (Tray Return System) modules for the Geneva Exhibition.

This is a new design that RJ Herbert’s are offering to the airport industry that is a highly competitive product in a fast moving environment. The major focus was not only on cost but also the requirement that any successful product must offer very high reliability and quality performance enabling the operator to deliver the best possible service to their customers; and process the maximum amount of hand luggage in the shortest time possible with all the security vetting demanded by air travel in today’s world.

What was the customer need?

Our design and engineering functions worked hand in hand with our customers’ engineering departments to ensure we fully understood and met their needs on this critical build, not only in cost but also in matching the very high quality that RJ Herbert products are renowned for. Time was also a critical factor to ensure we met the requirements to exhibit at this important event.

What did we do?

Serious Engineering Manufacturing provided dedicated fabrication and sub assembly of the TRS modules.

What was the outcome?

The units were built on time and to cost. QA standards required that these units were then partly assembled onto pallets for forwarding to Geneva for what turned out to be a very successful show for the customer which helped them to increase their market share for airport baggage handling systems.

Manufacturing Quality as Standard.

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